5 Things to Know about Two Chicks and a Hammer

Jan 11, 2016, 15:44 PM
As HGTV’s newest stars, mother-daughter duo Karen Rominger and Mina Starsiak have learned a thing or two about home renovation. Here are five things you can learn from the spunky pair about creating a pretty home.

Two Chicks and a Hammer

Q: What’s your least favorite chore when it comes to home maintenance or housekeeping?

Karen: Cleaning the gutters. It’s time-consuming and dirty.
Mina: Sweeping! I have a pitbull and a shepard mix that seem to shed non-stop.

Q: Landscapes can look great in spring and summer but dead in winter. What are your best tips to help homeowners with curb appeal year-round?

Karen: Keep the front of your house clean and tidy. Sweep the walk, keep the mulch in the beds, remove dead plant material and mow the grass.
Mina: Decorate for the seasons, even if it’s small. When flowerbeds are bare, you can still add color. A stack of pumpkins on the porch is festive while containers brimming with colorful flowers and plants can easily be moved indoors in a freeze. And put a wreath on your front door, but think beyond Christmas. Consider the other holidays and seasons like Easter and spring, or hang one just because it’s pretty.

Q: What’s one simple thing homeowners can do to improve their landscape or garden?

Karen: Mow high, at least 3".  
Mina: Put fresh mulch down…it makes everything look new again.

Q: Not all homeowners are DIYers. What should they look for when it comes to working with a contractor or interior designer?

Karen: Interview multiple contractors. Pick someone whose price is not at the top or bottom of the price range for services in your area.
Mina: Pick someone based on referrals. And don’t always go for the cheapest. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Q: It’s holiday season. What’s your go-to hostess gift?

Karen: Wine and a candle are always festive and helpful.
Mina: Definitely a bottle of wine. It helps the hostess with the menu and puts everyone in the holiday spirit.

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