Five Star Pickles & Sausage

Five Star Pickles & Sausage
380 Solon Road
Bedford OH
Booth: 2238

Company Description:

Five Star Sausage is proud to offer premium sausage, meat, pickle, and cheese products to our customers. We are committed to providing cruelty-free meat, which is why we source our meat products from cruelty-free farms that focus on sustainable and humane farming practices. We strongly adhere to a “farm to table” philosophy, because we really believe that you are what you eat. This dedication to positive and humane meat farming practices is what gives our products their excellent taste and rich, strong flavor. You can taste our commitment to quality in every single bite.

Show Specials:

Five Star Sausage offers a limited opportunity to experience our delectable sausages with free samples! Don't miss your chance to savor the unrivaled quality and tantalizing flavors that define Five Star Sausage.

New Products

Experience a taste sensation like no other with Five Star Sausage's Horseradish Pickles. These bold and briny delights are infused with zesty horseradish, creating a thrilling flavor combination. Elevate your snacking game with these crispy and tangy

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